Hospitals, Insurers, Home Health Agencies, Hospices

Let’s Work Together!


All of these entities share some common goals outside of their individual areas of specific interest:


  • Assuring high quality home health care
  • Improving availability and  timely access to home health care services for homebound people
  • Reducing the cost of home health care
  • Reducing the rate of hospitalization and rehospitalization of homebound people


HMAA has experience with technologies that improve communication and collaboration among the various entities that provide home health care.  In addition to those listed above, we are developing and implementing home telehealthcare technologies that enable coordinated involvement of all components of the home health care continuum of care in including patients, family caregivers, and medical providers.


Where available, we are participating in the Regional Health Information Organizations that promise to enhance communication and interoperability of multiple components of the home health care continuum.