Homedical Administrative Associates, LLC

Who Qualifies For Our Services?

Individuals who have significant difficulty leaving their homes.

Homedical Administrative Associates, LLC

At Homedical Administrative Associates, LLC we provide administrative support for the following services for individuals who cannot travel to their physician’s office due to chronic physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities.


  • Primary Care
  • Consultative Care
Home Ventilator Care
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
Chronic Long Term Care Services
  • Work in collaboration with Community
 Visiting Nurses, Hospice Agencies, and other Chronic Care Providers


Who can make a referral?

  • Primary or Sub-specialty Care Providers

  • Self referral, Family, Friends

  • Capital District Homecare Agencies
Hospital Discharge Planners

  • Emergency Room Providers
Social Workers
Adult Protective Staff
The Clergy

  • Other Patient Advocates


We Want to Team Up With You!


We Want to Team Up With You! We Want to Team Up With You!
Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants Hospitals, Insurers, Home Health Agencies, Hospices
We Want to Team Up With You Let’s Work Together
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Insurance Coverage

Homedical Administrative Associates LLC participates with Medicare and most area health care insurers. 
Arrangements can be made with our practice managers.



Hospital Affiliations

Homedical Administrative Associates LLC participates with all Capital District hospitals.
 Hospitalists will assist us in providing inpatient care.